Owen's wish to go to Walt Disney World Resort

Owen is a four-year-old boy suffering from Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy. When wish granters first met Owen he was playing on his tablet and enjoying all kinds of Disney shows. When asked if he could make a wish for anything in the world, he said in a quiet voice, "I wish to go to Disney World."

In October 2015 Owen and his family embarked on a trip of a lifetime to Walt Disney World Resort. Upon returning, the family wished to share their experience: 

"We all absolutely loved Give Kids the World Village, we had such an amazing time staying here. The kids loved the pool and wanted to swim all day long. The rides were amazing there and Owen was able to go on the rides over and over again and could stay in his wheelchair! They also loved seeing the little geckos that were running around everywhere and they really wanted to take some home to keep as pets! They had air brush tattoos done at the La Ti Da spa and got to eat ice cream whenever they pleased, from the ice cream parlour. We attended the Halloween party and Mayor Claytons birthday, they had fun playing the games and doing the crafts. Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity!" 

- Owen's family


Thank you Give Kids the World, WestJet, Sony and TuGo.

A special thank you to Tysen's Mission to a Million for adopting Owen's wish and making his dream a reality!

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