Princess Olivia's meets Disney Royalty in Orlando!

Olivia is a happy, outgoing child who loves being around people.  She makes everyone's day when she is around.  We can't go anywhere in public without someone running up just to say hi to Olivia.  She is truly a celebrity at school and out and about town. 

In January 2019 friends and family gathered for a surprise party at Kelsey’s, Olivia’s favourite restaurant for her wish announcement. Olivia’s eyes got really big when she walked in and saw everyone wear Mickey Mouse ears and Elsa hats, as the crowd chanted “Olivia your wish to go to Disney World is coming true”!

A week late Olivia was flying to sunny Orlando to experience her magical wish trip!

"To say our trip was anything less than amazing would be an understatement. The week was filled with Princesses, rides, animals, new friends, pools, parties, shopping and early nights! Olivia was able to meet and spend time with some of her favourite Princesses and Disney characters. The pictures I have attached say it all. The interactions were so genuine and sweet. She didn't want to leave.
 I think Olivia's most memorable and favourite part of our trip was her time at Bibbity Bobbity Boutique. This is the salon where she was made up a Princess. She had her hair, makeup and nails done. She got a tiara, a sash and lots and lots of sparkles. When she saw herself in the mirror she was clapping and so excited. We walked around in some shops later. All the staff would walk by and say "Hi Princess, you are very beautiful" This was so special for Olivia, she loves when people interact with her.
 This is only a SMALL portion of our trip. There were so many extraordinarily memorable moments I'd have to write a book to tell you all of them. Thank you so much for the gift of Make-A-Wish. It truly was a wish come true for Olivia to meet her princess and for me to see Olivia having the time of her life. We will never forget this trip."- Olivia's mom

Thank you to Give Kids the World, Disney World, WestJet, TuGo Insurance, Sony and special thank to Borden Ladner Gervais LLP for adopting her wish! #24DaysOfWishes

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