Sam's Wish to go to the Galapagos Islands

As Sam’s mom so eloquently put it, “We are constantly striving to contextualize Sam’s heart condition within his life and within general hopes for a good life. This trip helped us more than we ever could have expected to see the brilliance of coming to peace with your environment while still making an impact.”

Some thoughts and lessons learned from Sam and his family after his trip of a lifetime…

Maybe cannot tame the harsh wildness but you can learn to live a good life within it.

Bloom where you are planted. Adaption is a challenge and gift.

Mostly that we are not alone and others are eager to help us and we bring and receive joy

Wanting to learn Spanish (Sam has already started on the computer) and travel again – Sam is saving towards another trip – Sam the planner has a positive goal to focus on.

Special thanks to Flight Centre for adopting Sam’s wish, and thank you to our wonderful friends at Sony and TuGo!