Sophie's wish to go on a cruise!

Sophie is a 13-year-old girl living with a severe heart condition. In January 2017, Sophie arrived at Fernando Cellini and was extremely excited about getting a birthday makeover. Little did she know, that wasn't the only surprise in store for her. Just before Sophie was about to leave she was asked to open a little white box. Inside was a talking frame announcing that her wish would come true, “Sophie you and your family are going on a cruise!” Not a dry eye in the room after seeing Sophie's amazing reaction! What an amazing reveal!

In March 2017, Sophie and her family took a big stretch limousine to the airport where Sophie's amazing wish experience would start. Upon her arrival at the airport, a WestJet representative came to greet her and her family and helped them to their flight. Aboard the airplane, Sophie got to go visit the cockpit and was acting-pilot prior to takeoff. She was also announced as the VIP guest on the flight to Miami, Florida.

Sophie had an incredible Norwegian Cruise Line Wish Trip filled with phenomenal experiences and memories!

"I had an amazing time on my cruise! A few of my favorite moments were swimming in St. Thomas and riding the aqua-racer while we were at sea. I had a fun time dressing up every night and going to so many different restaurants. Thank you Make-A-Wish for this amazing opportunity!" - Sophie

"To say we all had a marvelous time is quite an understatement. Sophie was so thrilled!"-Maureen, Sophie's mom  

Thank you Make-A-Wish Miami chapter, Norwegian Cruise Line, Hyatt, Sony, WestJet and TuGo.

A special thank you to Fernando Cellini, La Bottega Nicastro and Riviera Ottawa for adopting Sophie’s wish and making her come true! Also for helping make her reveal so very special!                                                                                                                                                                                 

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