Water fun for our buddy Gavin!

Gavin is 5-years-old boy who lives with Angelman's Syndrome. He loves music but like most Angelman children he has a huge fascination for water. 

On September 10th Gavin's wish came true! Once the clock stroke 5pm Gavin’s home started filling with friends and family, everyone was waiting with anticipation the big reveal! As the window blinds open Gavin eyes got big along with happy squeals. He just couldn’t wait to jump in and enjoy his new oasis. Even though the water wasn’t completely heated that did not stop this little guy. After the dip Gavin was treated to a pizza party buffet, gifts and cake!

A memorable part of today was Gavin’s squeals of joy when he saw the tub for the first time! All of our family was touched by the above/beyond effort by Make-A- Wish to make our son’s wish come true!- Gavin’s family

Thank you to Pizza Hut, Party Mart, The Christopher father and son duo and the CHEO team.

Special thank you to Arctic Spa Ottawa for adopting Gavin’s wish and going above and beyond to help make his wish come true!

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