Zharina's wish story

Zharina is an adorable nine-year-old suffering from Cerebral Palsy. Zharina loves outings, rides, music, games and movies. She also loves everything Disney!

She was so happy during our first visit to meet us and tell us all the reasons she wanted to go to Universal and Disney World. She wanted to go on big roller coasters and spend time with her family.

We surprised Zharina at our office to let her know her wish would come true. She was overwhelmed with joy when she found out that her wish will come true!

On April 29th, 2016 Zahrina and her family were greeted by a WestJet representative at the Ottawa airport where the magic of her wish would commence!

She and her family had a wonderful time at Give Kids the World. They thought that place was simply amazing with all the wonderful volunteers, food and activities. They really enjoyed all the parks and all the rides. "This will be an experience we will never forget! Thank you so much Make-A-Wish"

Thank you Give Kids the World, WestJet, Sony and TuGo.for helping make Zharina's wish come true!

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