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Host a Bake Sale

The best part about Wishful Baking is that you get to enjoy sweet treats and help grant wishes to children with critical illnesses.

Your event can be as simple or elaborate as you choose — host a traditional bake sale in your school’s cafeteria, plan an elegant high tea and treats sale, or get your coworkers together to host a cupcake bake off. The planning is up to you!

  • Sign up to host your event by contacting us below.
  • Let your team, school, friends, community or coworkers know that you are hosting your event on your chosen date.
  • Organize your bakers/buyers and let them know how much the baked goods cost, and when and where the event is, as well as what to bring.
  • Check out the toolkit section for posters and templates to help promote your bake sale.
  • Consult our Bake Sale Tips list for best practice secrets.
  • Set up your table of sweets (don’t forget napkins!) and your donation bin
  • Sell! This is for a good cause, so encourage others to indulge!
  • Connect with Make-A-Wish to drop off funds raised. If you choose to mail the funds directly to Make-A-Wish Eastern Ontario please ensure to attach this letter.

See, it’s a piece of cake!

Calling out professional bakers, bakeries, restaurants and coffee shops too!

Make-A-Wish welcomes opportunities to partner with local companies and businesses. Contact us to learn more how you can bring Wishful Baking to your restaurant/coffee shop/bakery. Any place who services sweet treats, desserts and/or baked goods is a perfect partner to host a Wishful Baking campaign.

If you would like to come on board, please contact us below. We would love to hear from you!



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